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Bioinformatics Training Resources for Experimentalists (and Friends)

27 March 2020

There are now so many excellent courses and freely available resources for learning bioinformatics it can be hard to know where to start. Some of our favourite introductory resources come from the Genomic Data Science specialization on Coursera, and from the Canadian Bioinformatics Workshops series. Here we have organized available content by level of expertise and by interest. We take no responsiblity (or credit) for the content of the linked materials, though I think they are all quite good and reflect a lot of thought and hard work by the content authors. At the bottom we include a couple of courses and resources suitable for someone with a computational background who wants an entrez to bioinformatics and biology more broadly.

Jason de Koning
Cumming School of Medicine
University of Calgary
With thanks to: Dr. Quan Long and Dr. Paul Gordon for input


I want to start with the basics (what are genomics, data, bioinformatics):

I want to learn about basic bioinformatics tools and approaches:

I want to learn how to use tools and workflows without coding:

I want to learn how to run tools at the command-line:

I want to learn some statistics relevant to bioinformatics:

I want to learn to code:


I want to learn to use R and Bioconductor:

I want to learn bioinformatics tools for a specific task or domain:

I want to apply more advanced methods to research problems:

I want some bioinformatics and programming problem sets and/or resources for problem-based learning:


I have a computational background and want to learn some computational biology:

I want some in depth resources for next steps and other topics:

Biology for Computer Scientists

I have a computational background and want to learn some biology relevant to genomics: